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App To Sell Stuff – Are you an iPhone user? and are you looking for an application to sell something via online easily? here we will review some best applications for iphone you can download for free through iTunes.

We include some advantages of the features of each applications. Each application has different features and layouts. Hopefully this article can help you determine the best application to sell goods. Off course that is user friendly.

5 Best App To Sell Stuff On iPhone


First is letgo app. using Letgo app can help you sell your stuff that may not be needed. Letgo is designed to be a secure application to sell or buy goods. Letgo is made easy to register and allows you to chat privately between sellers and buyers, with the addition of a solid search tool facility. using this app will make it easier to sell goods or find goods around or to the local population, you also do not have to worry about shipping items across the country.

The features of Letgo app :

  • You can buy items from local sellers
  • You can sell your unwanted items
  • You can chat through the application privately
  • Instant registration process, user friendly navigation
  • You can search items through categories


The 2nd best App To Sell Stuff is Decluttr. You can earn money in cash by selling your unwanted items like Electronics, CDs, Games or DVDs. With this app you can also convert all that items hoarded in to moneycash. The app is growing fast.

The features of Decluttr App :

  • You can sell Electronics, including Games Consoles, Tablets and Cell Phones
  • You can scan stuffs with your smartphone’s camera for an instant offer price.
  • You can view & manage your orders.
  • You can get paid on the day after your stuffs arrive!

App To Sell Stuff on iPhone

Orbit Marketplace

This app can be combined with social networking. Orbit takes advantage of buying and selling opportunities and social networking opportunities, so this is a great opportunity for you to sell and buy goods. This app gives you a platform to sell these unwanted items. You can create a personal store and start selling instantly. As sellers only need to take images, use hashtags and describe your items. As buyers you can search for items, chat with different sellers, find sellers, follow sellers and filter searches based on different category.

The features of Orbit Marketplace app :

  • As Sellers you can set up an account & start selling easily
  • You can combines a marketplace with a Social Media Network
  • For local businesses also can use this application
  • You can create your own Orbit store
  • As buyers you can find, search & follow sellers


You have a chance to Join a large community of over 10 million buyers by downloading the Mercari app right away. Mercari offers users with a toll-free and secure method to sell and buy used or new items. This app has search tools to browse categories, find stuff you might be looking for, You can communicate with sellers and buyers, track your sales, You can share your listings through social media, you can track shipments and more.

The features of Mercari App :

  • Have a community of more over 10 million shoppers
  • Yo can sell & buy used or new stuffs, hassle-free & secure
  • You can track shipment & sales, Search for stuffs
  • You can communicate with sellers & buyers
  • You can create listings Easily, and you can share listings via social media network


The next best app for selling items is Carousell. The app is unique. . Carousell can be used by people all over the world and provides lists in almost any category you can think of. Carousell is a free, simple and fun app to sell stuff quickly. In just seconds you can create your list and then post it for everyone to see. How it works is you take an image of you, add the details and then list it. You can include up to 4 photos per list and you can also share lists by social media network. Buyers will can chat with seller & make a deal. As buyer, it’s easy. You can search by keywords or category.

The features of Caorusell app :

  • You can post up to 4 images with your listing
  • You can sell & buy stuffs in a social network
  • The application is used worldwide
  • You can search for stuffs by category or keyword
  • You can ask questions about stuffs and they can in turn ask about your stuffs

Skout Deals

Skout is probably the best App To Sell Stuff on the market. Thousands of transactions are added daily from over 140,000 merchants across Canada and the US. Users of this app can find offers about what stuffs they are looking for. You can search through merchants, deals, keywords or categories to get what they are looking for. Once you find a deal, you can save it and you can share it to your friends. You can also save their search for next use.

The features of Skout Deals App :

  • You can search via category, keyword, deal or merchant
  • You can find deals from more 140,000 different merchants
  • You can save searches, View how much you have saved
  • You can get notified when deals come up that are similar to previous searches
  • You can save deals, Share deals with others

You can free download the above App To Sell Stuff via iTunes.