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Architecture Designing App – In our daily activities, mobilephones have become a special think which essential. The  fast growing smartphone and device technology is together with rapidly growing in innovations in the smartphone apps development.

These innovations have extended to the field of architecture. New handy application & added versions of already existing applications are developed every year. These applications close architecture related activities like 3D modeling, photo editing, sketching, & other stuff that might not have crossed your think. So, here we give you list of the best Architecture Designing App to have on your mobilephone.

Best Free Architecture Designing App For iPad

AutoCAD 360

The first app is AutoCAD 360. It’s used for editing & viewing 3D and 2D models, in addition to other helpful tasks such as taking metering on site & annotating drawings. Since the annotated images & edited can be shared via the app, AutoCAD 360 app can be used for communication more faster .

Morpholio Trace

The next app is Morpholio Trace. It’s like a trace paper. This app may aplicants to draw on imported picture & increase pointers & comments on distinc layers. Morpholio Trace app is very popular & user friendly. This app needs Apple Pencil for sketching and works on iPad Pro.

Architecture Designing App

BIMx by Graphisoft

This app allows applicants prompt access to all the detailed datas from BIM project. BIMx by Graphisoft app is characterized by an easy to use interface. This app combines the great of both, mobile technology & BIM.


It’s a 3D CAD tool for iPad Pro. Shapr3D enables its aplicants to draw sketches easy & fast, then turns them into 3D models instantaneously. Shapr3D has an easy to use interface, controlled by the Apple pencil & the thumb. In Accordance with to the developers of this app, it’s highly built for professionals & accurate.

Sketchbook by Autodesk

The next Architecture Designing App is Sketchbook. It is an user friendly application for all kinds of applicants interested in painting & drawing. The advantage features of tool is the time-lapse recording. It’s can assist architects with explaining their ideas of design thru the process of recorded sketching.


The next app is MagicPlan. It’s generates interior plan drawings by detect the walls and then openings. All the applicant requires to do is stand in the mid of a room and then take images. The images are turned almost 99% accurate  plans & measurements. The Furnitures can be added to these plans, that can be later exported to JEPG, DXF formats or PDF.


Archisketch is still undergoing development, may its applicants to import pictures & draw on them to measurement, that is the new part. Archisketch provides its applicants new handy spec with each of update.

AutoDesk FormIt

The next app is AutoDesk FormIt. This App is part of the package of Revit & meant to be part of the process of BIM. It offers applicants with user friendly website info that makes it easier to generate contextual forms & determine on another early design related issues.

Arrette Sketch

Arrette Sketch can be used for digitally reviewing drawings, sketches and sharing. This app may applicants to make incremental changes on drawings & designs, without the requirement for tracing paper & printing.

Pixlr Express

The next Architecture Designing App is Pixlr Express. This app is a photo-editing which developed by Autodesk. It’s allow to enhance the quality of architectural pictures thru the use of masks & overlays, between a wide variety of choices that not available on other free photo-editing applications.

Concept by Fast and Epp

It’s allow applicants to calculate instantly for the dimensions of some structure system, based on the ratio among depth & span. This app also shows the applicant existing projects employing same structure system, making it more easy for them to make visualization how their own designs would exactly look.

Best paid Architecture Designing App

Sun Seeker

Sun Seeker app helps architects to determine on the proper orientation for their buildings by offering data such as the winter, the solar path, sunrise, sunset times & summer solstice paths.

SketchUp Mobile Viewer

The display of application is used for 3D SketchUp models. This app offers dimensions, measurement tools, as well as, plans & section views. SketchUp Mobile Viewer app can be used to download from SketchUp’s Warehouse on 3D form to the mobiledevice.

All of the above Architecture Designing App you can download from iTunes.