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Change My Number App – Many question and request from smartphone users like “How to Change Your Caller ID on Android ?” “How to Call Someone As A Different Number ?” ” I need an app to change outgoing number” “How do I change my number in the samsung s6  ?” “Need help – Apps to make it appear your number is disconnected to certain people”

To meet the above needs for android users you need the following application. So the question about how change my number app may resolved.

Caller ID Faker

The Features of caller ID Faker app are :

  • Be the ULTIMATE prankster among your friends
  • Make a prank call with a new caller ID
  • Get that person that’s avoiding you to answer their phone
  • Become a super detective and use your super powers for good
  • Make phone calls from the beach, but they think you are calling from your office phone

Change My Number App

Sideline – 2nd Phone Number

The features of Sideline 2nd Phone Number app are :

  • NUMBER PORTING – If you Already have a two phone number, You can use it. With Porting you can transfer your existing number to Sideline from another landline or device.
  • AREA CODE SELECTOR – Local communication or not, we can select the code of area of your second number.
  • TEXTING & CALLING – Texting is free unlimited and no charge. Calling works with your carrier plan so your minutes (which are probably unlimited) get shared among your 2 numbers.
  • CARRIER RELIABILITY – Most calling applications only work over hotspot internet. Unlike them, Sideline uses your existing device network. It’s gives you no different quality of great call you get from your ordinary number.
  • HOW IT ALL WORKS – Your 2 numbers simply live in different applications. Separate notifications, ringtones and caller IDs, make it clear who’s contacting you. And on what’s number.
  • CUSTOM VOICE MAIL – Greet callers with a voicemail for your Sideline phone number. You will sound more professional and keep your separate personal voicemails and work.
  • VOICE MAIL FORWARDING – In the weekends, holidays,  or nights, silence Sideline and send callers directly to voicemail. You can even set up auto-text replies or a lot of voicemails for any circumstance.
  • PRIVACY – Personal device numbers are part of your mobile identity. May for life. Like a social security number, you should not give it out to eachone. A spare device number can really come in handy.