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Chiller Tv App – Chiller is a satellite television channel and American cable 24 -hour and specializing in repugnance, thriller and suspense programming. On 12 January 2007, NBC Universal announced its intent to launch Chiller on first of March, dedicated to movies and television proves related to the repugnance category.

The corporation likewise stated that, aside from their own material, Chiller would feature material from playing film studios, including Sony,  Lionsgate, 20th Century Fox and Warner Bros. In February 2007, The 101, paths 101 on DirecTV, aired a “preview” of Chiller, peculiarity the aviator incidents of Twin Peaks and American Gothic, as well as numerous repugnance movies and programs.

Sleuth, NBC/ Universal’s mystery-themed structure, aired a 14 hour movie marathon entitled” Chiller On Sleuth” to promote the launching of Chiller. Now you can see Chiller TV via app in android. You can download Chiller app via google play.

Chiller Tv App