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Before we discuss about Exede Internet Reviews below we describe the provider details about the package name, monthly price, service area, states available, price, data allowance, upload rate, download rate and additional fees if available from Exede Internet service.

Exede Internet Details :

Service Area: Nationwide
Monthly Price: between U$49.99 – U$129.99
States Available: 48 states

Exede Internet Additional Fees :

Equipment Lease Fee: U$9.99 monthly
Early Termination Fee: U$15/remaining month of contract
Fee for Installation : between U$0, U$49, or U$99 depending the region
Other Fees: No Fees
One-Time Setup Fee: No Fees

List of Exede Internet Package


Price: $99.99/month
Data Allowance: Unlimited
Upload Rate: 3 Mbps
Download Rate: 12 Mbps


Price: $49.99/month
Data Allowance: 5 GigaByte; Unlimited access to email and web
Upload Rate: 3 Mbps
Download Rate: 12 Mbps

Classic 25

Price: $129.99/month
Data Allowance: 25 GigaByte
Upload Rate: 3 Mbps
Download Rate: 12 Mbps

Classic 15

Price: $79.99/month
Data Allowance: 15 GigaByte
Upload Rate: 3 Mbps
Download Rate: 12 Mbps

Classic 10

Price: $49.99/month
Data Allowance: 10 GigaByte
Upload Rate: 3 Mbps
Download Rate: 12 Mbps

* The above Package pricing and details may vary according to location.

Exede Internet Reviews

Description Of Exede Internet Reviews

The Good Exede Internet Reviews

Upload Speeds & Download Speed
All internet packages of Exede’s satellite provider come with speed in 12 Mbps download. This speed is faster than other satellite internet network providers & could have a big impact on their internet performance. For Upload speeds are same fast with Exede provider in 3 Mbps rate in all it is plans. These features are especially appreciated by those who use the network internet to browse or upload video and images.

Especially for Freedom Plan provides Unlimited Access for Virtually
Exede internet provides a relatively satellite internet network plan with no data caps. The Freedom plan is now available in select areas only & users can find out if it is available where tusers live by going to website of Exede provider & entering your code of ZIP. Users would not get another providers that has a internet plan like Exede Internet, so it is worth taking advantage of if it is available in users area.

Bundle With DIRECTV to Save Money
Users can get special discount as satellite internet customer, it’s also sign up for a contract with DIRECTV.  With this package deal, users will receive U$10 off their monthly bill for the first year of Exede’s 2 year contract, & users don’t have to pay fee for setup. Users can choose options from 5 different DIRECTV packages & any of Exede’s 3 satellite internet packages. This is a valuable provide that users may want to consider if users are searching for satellite Television service in addition to an internet provider.

Get 25 GigaByte of Data per Month

With use Exede’s internet provider, users will get up to 25 GigaByte of data monthly, it’s extremely valuable to people who uses the network internet frequently. Many other providers only provide 15 to 20 GigaByte at most, it’s make Exede’s provider provides especially desirable. If users happen to surpass their 25 GigaByte limit, Exede provider also allows users to buy more data so the internet speed does’t slow down. This additional some flexibility to its satellite Internet network plans that many are sure to appreciate.

Late-Night Free Zone

For the time between the hours of midnight and 5 AM, Exede internet Provider allows users to use as much data as they like, without must worry about limits of data. It’s a big bonus for Exede customer because, many other provider companies have similar times of the day when usage of data internet is not counted against your monthly data, these “free zones” still have their own data limits. With Exede package, customer can spend less time keeping track of how many internet data they have left & have more time for online.

The Bad Exede Internet Reviews

A Little Pricey

The plan of Exede’s satellite internet packages are a little bit more expensive of price than some their company competitors.  However it’s also worth nothing that Exede Internet does provide much higher for limits of internet data. Customers should also be aware that they could be charged a fairly high installation charge on top of their monthly rate depend on their region. For Installation service fees can be between U$0, U$49, or U$99. But, if THey are search for a satellite internet provider that provides quick upload and download, along use limit of high internet data, Exede Internet provider may still be worth.

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