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Face Distortion App – You love your facial photos become damaged and funny, then send your photos to friends or social media. It will make the reader laugh at your strange photo. Use the best photo destroy er app for android users. You can easier download it on Google Play for android users or Play Store for iPhone users.

Here they are the Face Distortion App for Android :

Photo Warp

With Photo Warp app  Make yourself skinnier, buff your face up or extend any body proportion that might need some expansion and don’t forget to make funny GIFs from your cheek changes for free! 😉
Or go crazy and have fun putting several pounds of flab on your friends or sacrificing them the biggest cheese-eating smile you can imagine.

NEW Features in Photo Wrap Face Distortion App are :

  • Save high resolution pictures
  • Animate your warps into GIFs
  • Speed improvements – smoother interactions
  • New, beautiful UI
  • Use pinch-zoom for more detailed photo editing

Photo Warp App Android is the funniest photo editor, will empowers you to be the best plastic surgeon ever! How creative and hilarious can you be? Download from Google Play soon and Try it out now!

Face Distortion App

Face Wrap – Funny Mirror

Funny Mirrors App is the easiest face changer ever: it’s very simply will move your face in the mirror thought and tap the camera button when you have a entertaining photo. Back camera is also available in case you prefer to ” customize ” your friend’s face. Get it now from Google Play and let the laugh begin!!

Funny Face Effects

With Funny Face Effects, you can create funny and face distortion, bald, ugly, change faces to look fat and more.

  • Easy changer to move, stretch, warp, distort any picture with your fingers to create own warped face
  • Funny face effects such as bold, huge smile, fat and more
  • Post to facebook, share via email, or send via MMS
  • Import photos easily from your camera, photo gallery or from Facebook