Global Cash Card App For Android

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Global Cash Card App is a safe transaction banking application and convenient that provided by online system. We can quickly access and manage our Global IME Bank accounts & securely either through Wifi, SMS, edge or 3G. Global Cash Card application is a convenient & safe transaction banking application provided by online.

We can manage and access our Global IME Bank accounts quickly and securely either through SMS, WIFI, 3G or Edge.

With Global Cash Card App, we can access and manage our GLOBAL IME accounts to perform the following services

The Features Of Global Cash Card App

  • We can view information for our credit card.
  • We can view our account balances & last 5 transaction statements.
  • We can transfer our money to another bank associated with fonepay networks.
  • We can direct Top-up to Postpaid, NTC Prepaid, Ncell Prepaid, ADSL, Simtv, DishHome and  Ncell Postpaid accounts.

Global Cash Card App

  • We can transfer money between our applicable Global IME accounts.
  • We can recharge Vouchers for Broad-link, NTC prepaid, Broad-link, NTC CDMA, Dish-home & Smart Cell.
  • With route navigation, we can knows locate ATM’s, Merchants and Branches.
  • We can pay bills to utilities like NTC Landline, Credit Cards and Postpaid.
  • For instance in case of loss, theft, damage or loss, we can instanly stop our debit/credit cards, .
  • We can get instant notifications from credit/debit on our account activities.
  • We can get updated foreign exchange rates issued by the bank & stock market value of the bank.
  • We can shake to get last frequently used menus.
  • We can get account Statement of desired date ranges.