Google Glass Competitor by Microsoft will be launched In 2014

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Google Glass - microsoft
Google Glass – microsoft

For an item that has not even hit the industry, the Google Glass is producing a crazy amount of interest. Not only are customers getting thrilled about this item but bigger companies, companies and even industry experts are betting on the impact this new advancement will have available in the industry and lifestyle. Highly considered by industry experts that the discharge of the Google Glass will indicate a new era of technological innovation which is wearable and cellular, there seems to be little information to confirm that gossip incorrect.

With New samsung wants to launch a smart watch to the public and The apple company consistently being said to launch a watch, it is no shock that Ms is said to be operating in making their own edition of Google glass. However, it should be mentioned that Ms in no way have made this little gossip formal and at this point, it is generally concerned by Mark White-coloured, a specialist at Topeka Investment Marketplaces.

Although, it is potential that Microsoft will launch something to task Search engines, their little skirmishes to one up each other in the marketplace almost require this step; the gossip is still very unexplained and missing in information though. . Can it be dressed in like the glasses for the Search engines Cup or in some other form? And will they really be launched in 2014?

Without any strong information to back up the solutions to these concerns, you will be grateful to know that Ms had desired to provide its Console 720 players with some kind of game playing glasses that could add and improve their action.

However, before you start moving with joy and toss your money in the air with joy, here is a thought to put a damper on your mood. There has been no information or feedback from Ms to refuse or give reliability to Mr. White’s forecast. Although a certain had been registered for game playing glasses by Ms last year; the curtain has stayed a certain and no item has yet been forthcoming in the marketplace.

Google Glass Concept
Google Glass Concept

Moreover, we are now experiencing with a new, more older and evolved Ms that is a much smarter and less loud competitor in the marketplace and which likes to keep its tricks to itself. With the discharge of Microsoft windows 8 and other associates of the Microsoft windows Red family, it does seem that Ms has its arms full at this time while serving their Microsoft windows customers. However, the load requirements of the game playing group for the Console 720 and the game playing glasses might be able to capture Microsoft’s interest and persuade the latter to expose something.

Nonetheless, whatever the reason may be for Microsoft’s calm mind-set, one thing is assured that Ms will not allow Search engines to obtain the advantage. Let us keep our fingertips surpassed because everyone knows that their competitors and competitors means more choices for the customer and who would not love to have two to three kinds of Google Glass-is technical items in the market?


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