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GPS Apps – What do you think when you need navigation application? Typically we will think Google Maps. Yes, Google maps is one most navigation app that people recommend. It also happens always to get updates from Google frequently. Google still to be really top of navigation app. However, for let you know that there are many other navigation app options if you are not clicking with Google Maps navigation app. Below is best GPS Apps for android user.

Best Of GPS Apps For Android

Google Maps

The first GPS Apps for Android is Google Maps. Typically people will Travelling use Google Maps. Distance approximation, navigation,  & get routes than shortest than other routes, all is available. People will get all without any conditions and people can use it free of charge.


MapFactor is the second GPS Apps for Android. MapFactor app uses OpenStreetMaps and saves maps for mapping data to your SD card if you use MapFactor by for offline. People can use MapFactor App free of cost.

GPS Navigation Be-On-Road

The third GPS Apps is GPS Navigation Be On Road. is It’s still a free GPS navigation app that people can save maps on your mobilephone for utilises mapping data and offline use from Navteq and OpenStreetMaps.

Maps By Mapmyindia

Maps By Mapmyindia will give users to access extremely accurate maps for India with directions of route. So Maps by MapmyIndia may not offers turn-by-turn navigation.


Sygic uses mapping data from TomTom and provide neat features like navigation display  and offline maps on your car’s windshield without the need for any additional tools. Much people use this app, so Sygic is one of the most popular GPS navigation apps in the world.

GPS Apps


The next GPS app for Android is Mapquest. It’s one of navigation app that efficient in use. Mapquest offers users with turn-by-turn voice navigation and accurate maps.

Tomtom India

Tomtom India is not free navigation app. It’s may be expensive navigation app, but Tomtom India also provide a  free map updates for lifetime and it’s very accurate use turn by turn navigation.


If You looking for free GPS Apps, Navfree is one of them. It’s a quick GPS navigation application. Navfree uses Open Street Maps for mapping data.


The last best of GPS navigation Apps for Android is Waze. It’s a crowd sourced navigation application that uses information from others users to give people the accurate information of navigation.

The Above GPS Apps for android, you can free download on GooglePlay.