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Hotspot Booster – You will find wifi signal everywhere. In shopping mall, college campus, coffee shop, railway station or any other public places. So you will find internet wifi connectivity everywhere. One unfortunately of Wifi signal internet connectivity is that even if you go a very small distance away from Wifi hotspots locations, you will find your Wifi signal strength lowering down. If it’s happen, you will need application to fix the problem.

Fortunately, You can find some of the best hotspot booster app for Android users. Using the free Wifi booster app, you can improve your handphone’s hotspot signal strength rapidly. You only need to install free hotspot signal strength booster app for Android and start boosting hotspot signals easily.

Hotspot Booster App For Android

We found 15 hotspot signal booster app for Android users that you can download from Google Play easily.

    1. Wifi Speed Booster
    2. Wifi Signal Booster
    3. Wifi Easy Booster
    4. Wifi Signal Strength
    5. Wifi Manager
    6. Internet Booster & Optimizer
    7. Wifi Analyzer

Hotspot Booster

  1. Open Signal Wifi Map, Speed Test
  2. Wifi Overview 360
  3. Network Signal Info
  4. Wifi Booster Easy Connect
  5. Wifi Radar
  6. Free Zone – Free Wifi Scanner
  7. WiFinder
  8. Wifi Connect