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Ingo Money App – Use this application you can cash personal checks, business checks, paychecks, so almost any type of check you can do it anywhere and anytime. Get your cash in a few time in your prepaid card, PayPal or bank accounts. You can choose to pay buy an, pay credit card bills,  Gift Card or split your check & fund multiple accounts. When your check is approved, the money is as good as cash and safe to spend on payments and purchases made in-online store or in Android Pay.

You can start your Ingo Money App easily. Just fill and create your Ingo Money profile right in the Ingo money application & then link your PayPal account, prepaid card, credit cards or your bank debit card. To make cash your check, take a photo profile of the back and front then submit it for doing review. If your registration is approved and your bill is paid or your account is funded, money is guaranteed. No take-backs, No deposit holds, No check cashing lines and exactly No worries for you.

If you interested to this Ingo Money App, you just free download at Google play for android user or in iTunes for apple user.

Ingo Money App Download

For let you know, the service of Ingo Money is offered by First Century Bank, N.A. & Ingo Money, Inc., absolutely subject to Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy of the Ingo Money and First Century Bank. Your Approval review after registration just need three to five minutes but in special condition can take up to one hour. All checks are subject to approval for funding in Ingo Money’s sole discretion. Charges apply for approved Money in few time transactions funded to your account or card. Unapproved checks condition will not be funded to your account or card.

Enjoy for using Ingo Money App for your easier finance