Lyft Driver App For iPhone

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Lyft Driver App – Lyft is the pinker, friendlier automobile service that lets you summon a motorist with exactly a few sounds of your digit. This might sound like every other car-service application, but the Lyft iPhone app is all about good vibes, and it offers an excellent interface together with a built-in system for tipping.

But even with those bonuses, it can nott competitor Journalists’ Choice Uber’s sheer ubiquity or it is wide range of options, such as child-seat-equipped and wheelchair-accessible vehicles.

Lyft driver app for iPhone is available as a free download from the Appl Store, and it is also available on Android. via Google Play. I had no trouble lading it onto my nice iPhone 6, and it is also compatible with iPads. As of this writing, it offers no Apple Watch compatibility. Unlike Uber, which has already spread to 63 countries, Lyft is only available in United Stated (US) cities. With availability in over 200 towns and regions, there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to find a Lyft in the United States.

Lyft Driver App