New Updates From Dropcam for iOS Apps With Location Based Control and Time Scheduling

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dropcam for iOS Apps
dropcam for iOS Apps

Dropcam is upgrading their iOS applications these days with 2 new features for their customers have been clamoring for: place attention and in-app time arranging.

Dropcam is a web camera with high-definition plug-and-play security systems that has gotten some well earned compliment for its easy set up  and simple design. For Dropcam users, once their Dropcam is connected to a automobiles, it instantly joins to your wireless relationship. You can manage the video nourishes through your web browser or via your smart phone. It’s a pain-free set up, and pretty nice.

Dropcams can be managed in the web browser or through your smart phone application, so the up-dates are welcome information. With place aware toggling, now Dropcam can  instantly turn itself on when you set off, and swicth off when you are back inside, with benefit of the GPS on your smart phone.

Another new feature on Dropcam is in-app arranging, that allows users to decide which times of the weeks time you would like your Dropcam to be tracking their home. A Case study, if users were planning on going on per weeks time long holiday, users could program their Dropcam to be on during that period of time in advance.

Dropcam is available at their website for $149. You can download  the applications on the iOs Application store HERE.


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