Our Anxiety on Credit Cards When Their Data Can be Stolen by a Smartphone App

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Smartphone Apps Can Steal Credit Card Data
Smartphone Apps Can Steal Credit Card Data

We fear continously about credit cards scams and that somebody will get access to our banking records and grab all thing we have in our account. And for reasonable too: Charlie Miller, a Demonstrated of Security Researcher at The Black Hat online meeting in Las Vegas how to grab credit cards information, using an application and the smartphone’s NFC Technology function.

It must be mentioned that this strategy only performs with credit cards which are prepared with special chip which allow near field communication (NFC). Credit cards with NFC Technologyare designed for simple use, as clients need only tap their cards to purchase, without demanding any code of PIN.

So how does the system work? The CBC News group used a New Samsung Galaxy S III and an application from Google Play Store, that took less than 5 minutes to download and make instalation. The app permitted them to access the card’s number, the name of the credit card holder  and expiration date  by simply having the cellphone near to the credit cards.

And it seems which the application can access the credit cards information even through the pockets, bag or cover. It’s enough for the robber to stop in the closeness of the sufferer, without having to actually touch. The whole process will spend less than one second and the focus on is completely not aware, as there are no records left at all. Although the application currently performs only at ranges of about ten centimeter, that is very likely to change with next creation mobile phones, which will have a much more powerful NFC aerial.

The thieved information is then easily sent to another cellphone and used to create different buys. According to Canada protection professionals, the all information can be used to purchase anything from a snack to an expensive portable computer. The application appear to be already a preferred strategy with going over systems in European countries.

The companies which supply credit cards such MasterCard and Visa, that already use the NFC technology for some of their products, require that their consumer  are well secured against such scams by several levels of protection. Google too said that it would eliminate any applications that would be found in breach with its conditions of use.


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