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Phone Tracking App – Sometimes we forgetting and Putting phones someplace, or losing phone in a theft incident are not unusually. If you have lost your mobilephone at home, then you exactly do not have much to worry about since you know you will eventually to find your mobilephone. Nevertheless, if you forget your mobilephone at a someplace far from your house, or if your mobilephone gets stolen, then things can get pretty ugly. All data on your mobilephone can be abused, putting you, as well as your loved ones’ security at risk.

So regarding for this condition you need Phone Tracking App To help you out, we have highlighted some of the best Phone Tracking Apps for android user as follow :

List Of Best Phone Tracking App Android

Family Locator

Family Locator app by Life360 does exactly what the application name says it does. Family Locator app offers you to make a collective with your friends and family and then you can always track of where their location via their mobilephone. As you can imagine, it helps recover mobilephones if someone loses them. The upside is that you can control who can find you or your phone. The downside is that this application is a people locator, not a mobiledevice locator. Thus, it does not have some popular find my phone applications features like device wiping or locking. Still, it is a great, simple option, and especially for parents.

Android Device Manager

This Phone Tracking App is probably your best option for find my phone applications. It is completely no charge, baked into most modern devices, & it is easier to activate. Simply go into your device settings, find Google application, click on Security, then click on Services, and make sure the Locate by remote for This mobilephone option is enabled. From that point, you can use Google web application to get your mobilephone, ring it, lock it, & more. Virtually everybody should have this enabled which creates ADM the go-to method for finding a lost mobilephone. Please note, it only works if the GPS application is enable. But the good news is, this feature should be on by default. That means it should be your very first step in retrieving a stolen or lost mobilephone.

Phone Tracking App

Pre Anti-Theft

This application that is been around for a while that many people trust. Its entire purpose is to help you get your mobilephone if it goes stolen or missing. Nevertheless, it’s also more lightweight than something like Cerberus aplication. It has the basic features like finding your mobilephone, locking your device, & setting off an alarm. You will also be able to take images to know where your mobilephone may be & gather network internet information to know where your mobilephone has been. It seems to work for eveyone & that is what really matters. It is not all that different from Android Device Manager application & may function well as a backup to that. It is also completely no charge application.


The next Phone Tracking Apps for Android is Cerberus. It has long been the name everyone think of when cerberus application comes to find my mobilephone apps. It has a diverse set of features that includes resetting  and locking  your mobilephone, keep sound alarms, display the messages on screen for thieves to read, & it even has access to the front camera so you posible take an image of the thief. You can also hide Cerberus application from the app drawer so people do not suspect that the app there, remote shell into your mobilephone, & record sound from the microphone. The developer of Cerberus app have had their ups and downs in recent years, but the application itself works about as well as it always has.

For Android users, you can download all Phone Tracking App Android above on GooglePlay by Free.