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Rewind Video App – When we are talking about a video editing applications, You will find many video editing applications in the app store or itunes. Most of them likely there is no one with a full of features you mentioned but you might get the result using several applications for :

  • Time lapse – Together video application
  • Slow motion – Motion Time application
  • Rewind video – just search for a “rewind video” on the iTunes

There are many other things you might do with a video editing app, You can find as follow :

  • You can apply soundtracks
  • You can splice a photos & videos
  • You can borders and overlays
  • You can do a transition effects
  • You can set brightness and control the contrast
  • You can set audio filters

Best Rewind Video App for Iphone

Reverse Vid

Reverse Vid app is a video rewind editor for instant replay & backwards movies for Instagram & Vine created by Beautiful Video Project Incorporation.

With use Reverse Vid app, you just play your videos backward!  You just play it, load it and reverse it. This app is the easiest  and quickest way to rewind your videos. You can do reverse laugh at the audio when you hear it. You can choose the rewind the action and playback speed with use the Instant Replay Mode. You can reverse a section, watch at half speed and slow it down. And you can also share with your friends on Vine. & Instagram.

For iphone users, you can free download this Rewind Video App via itunes :

Rewind Video App

Rewind Camera

Rewind camera app is Rewind Video App in reverse real-time and created by Zhiyong Ma. This app is a fun new application which allows you capture video in reverse.

Rewind Camera app lets you to record a video and voice in real-time in Rewind mode instantly. This app also support Import video from camera roll to rewind. You can show your friends your backwards cat, reverse skills, or bizarre ability to talk backwards and walk! It’s really easy to use with straight forward user interface.
The Rewind Camera App also supports to save into camera roll, Email your videos.

So with use Rewind Camera you can capture video in reverse real-time iOS Application and start producing video  fun, creative, cool or funny video clips & share video to your friends and families.

For iphone users, you can download this Rewind Video App via itunes :