Smartphone Can Used to Control Bionic Hand

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Bionic hand controlled by smartphone
Bionic hand controlled by smartphone

A new development in the area of prosthetic technology gives improved wish of a regular life to amputees. A technology company based in UK has designed a bionic hand it’s can be managed via a smart phone program.

The i-limb ultra, designed by prosthetics designers Contact Bionics, is the pioner of bionic hand who can be partially managed with the aid of a cellphone program. The technology is very simple and available than thought-controlled divisions, which need highly complicated operations to be linked with a individual’s neurological system.

The bionic limb was developed to move and look more like a natural hand than any past prosthetic hand.the bionic hand has a spinning hand and thumbs and four independently describing fingertips, enabling customers to easily understand things and execute a variety of projects without any problems. The prosthesis also offered with an auto-grasp function to avoid random slipping when choosing up products.

The prosthetic hand’s activities are either managed by the person’s muscular alerts also can managed by the cellphone app. Called “Quick Grip”, this program will run on  iPhone 5 or iPod touch, providing customers accessibility 24 different grip styles for personalized performance and improved perfection. The pre-programmed activities will allow customers to choose up things, understand various resources and even tie their shoelaces by simply hitting the app. In the Apple App Store, The Quick Grip also available.

Wearers will also be able to accessibility the i-limb’s application via Wireless, enabling them to set up or turn off some grip styles or to build their own customized actions. The same function will allow physicians to view utilization information, that can help them create the best suggestions to their sufferers.

Mastering the limb’s grip styles and activities can be complicated and will need cautious training, and this is why the prosthetic hand appear comes with the necessary application to help would wear learn how to use it effectively. Contact Bionics also provides personalized includes to create the prosthesis a more natural overall look.

The i-limb super is offered as the nearest thing to a real side currently available on the market, providing unmatched skill and versatility. Check out this video to see the bionic branch in action:

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