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Superfight Online – superfight game online was created by Darin Ross, and was published by Skybound Inc. SUPERFIGHT craters players against each other in hypothetical engagements of real banter. The only way to earn is to become the most compelling disagreement about the big questions in life: Who would earn in a fight between a pissed Ninja and Abraham Lincoln going a allow?

Which is the better weapon: an infinite sausage lasso or a skunk on a stay? What are the hazards an military of penguins could stop a depressed centaur? Grab a microphone, connect or create a game with up to 4 players, and cause the voting rights decide!

Features of superfight card game online :

  • VOTE on fighters from previous games, guessing a match-up’s outcome to earn rewards.
  • PLAY with a group of up to four players using matchmaking or inviting your friends.
  • WATCH and vote for winners in live broadcasts of fights directly within Superfight or any device with Twitch!
  • COLLECT over 500 additional cards, on top of the 200+ cards unlocked immediately upon purchase, as you Play or Vote!
  • ARGUE using integrated in-game voice and optional webcam support to make your case!
  • LINK your Twitch account to earn bonus rewards while Broadcasting or Voting on live games (streaming not required to play)!
  • EXPAND your card count with the included free Location, Scenario, and Challenge Decks! More decks available as DLC!
  • UNLOCK over 130 Titles based on how you play! Customize your round introduction with your Titles.

Superfight Online