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Talk N Text Free App are those kinds of apps that you can make send text & calls for free of charge or at either reduced charges. Available many more apps on Android app store & you also can download apps to enjoy texting or talking with your loved ones across the world. When some of these applications are paid, other apps you can download with free of cost.

Find below best Talk N Text free app for Android operating system.

Best 10 Talk N Text Free App


Hangouts is Google’s current champion in the messaging applications territory. It’s also comes with many more features. You can make video call, text message and voice call to anyone for free of charge as long as they’re using Hangouts too. You can make download the Hangouts Dialer application too which lets you create call most Canada & United States numbers for free of costs without using your mobilephone plan minutes. It is a powerful combination for people which want make calls for free. The service is free for register and all you need is a only a Google account.

Facebook Messanger

Facebook applications are mostly pretty figure. They are clunky, unhurried, and eat up quite a bit of battery. Nevertheles, virtually everybody uses Facebook. That makes it a pretty proper deciding. Facebook Traveler is Facebook’s standalone messaging application. It features free calls, free video chats and free messaging. The application flush has several games to playact. The only feeling you will need is to be friends on Facebook with somebody and you are white to go, tho’ in several cases genuine application to try because it is easier to persuade fill to use Facebook than it is to switch to something other.

Talk N Text Free App


GrooVeIP is a great application for free calls. It will give you an actual UnitedStates phone number which you can actually give to other people. The service itself supports both texts & calls. The discharge thing is a younger iffy, though. You can earn credits for autonomous. Nonetheless, you’ll have to pure offers and catch ad videos in arrangement to do so. It’s a immature prolix, but it definitely mechanism. Of row, they get the choice to acquire credits as fortunate. The force give free you autonomous voice lineament, but people is autonomous.

Google Duo

Google Duo is a video chatting application. It is also one of the easier unfixed calls application to use. You just download it, open it, put in your sound circumscribe, & you can sign making atrip recording calls. The only downside is that the opposite being gift also acquire to be using Google Duo. Nevertheles, the operative broadcast is that Google Duo is unloose and multi-platform. That effectuation it works on Android & iOS at slightest. It exclusive does video calls, but they are of favourable as many of them as you requirement. A recent update lets people pee exclusive sound calls if necessary.


Exactly you ever hear Skype. It’s one of the most wellknown Talk N Text Free App out there. Its hallmark feature is the ability to be used on computers, tablets, mobile phones, and other devices. You also can send voice calls, video calls and text messages for free of charge to another people who use Skype app. You’ll must pay for credits to use if you want to create call to actual phone numbers. There are many people which have account in Skype, So, It’s easy to make those calls for free of cost.


Slack is an increasingly well known chat service which is aimed at businesses both small and big. You will be able to make text channels, an individual people message, & it comes with integration with many of other applications. It is cross-platform too & calls are not difficult enough to make. They may be a bit hairy if you’re conversation to group on the additional sidelong of the world, though. For now, Hydrate is solely liberal to use for virtually everybody.

Signal Private Messanger

Signal Private Messenger is an progressively hot mating that focuses on security. It is unresolved germ and it encrypts everything it sends. That includes communication calls, matter messages, & everything between. It provides sovereign texts and calls, though added grouping will screw to be using Signal Cloistered Traveler as intimately. Everything is completely release, at lowest for now. It is definitely the go-to option for those who requirement clear call


The next Talk N Text Free App is Viber. It’s started life as a basic VoIP service. It has since expanded into a full-blown aid that offers book chats, enounce chats, and level video chats. You can say anyone else who uses Viber unrestrained of fill. Same Skype, there is a undersize fee if you require to disposition sound lottery for group who do not use Viber app. It also comes with a ton of additional features. Several of them, similar invisible messaging, can be multipurpose. Nevertheless, umpteen of them are goofy younger things equal stickers that do not real thing too untold.


TextNow is an application which provide free calls & free texting. You will get your own dedicated number of your mobilephone which you can send to another people. You also can call people in Canada & United States for free of costs. But, you will must pay for International calls.


The last is WhatsApp. It started out as a text-only document but has slowly evolved to include unconfined calls & discharge recording chats. Equal most, you can exclusive use the discharged calls have if you are conjunctive with other soul who uses WhatsApp application. Since it is one of the most fashionable chat apps in cosmos, it should not be too bad to get additional grouping on it. It is vast, its right, & it activity real cured. It also has a show of else features that cater form the receive that much outgo.

All of the above Talk N Text Free App for Android, you can download it from GooglePlay.