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Talk To Text Apps For Android Free – Many smartmobilephone android basis users searching the smart application after android smartphone become popular nowadays. They search some application that can help them to add their satisfaction to communicate with their friend or family easily. Some of application developer in Android sytem have develop some smart apps. One of them is talk to text application. Along with it, the competitor iPhone also develop similar app the name is Siri.

if you are lazy to type something on the smartphone keyboard, you can take advantage with use smart application to convert your talk to text. Especially if you want to type long sentences in your messages, it’s not efficient if you use your finger to type it. it’s can be save you much time if you use your voice and automatically converted in text.

So, do you want to know more about best Talk To Text Apps For Android Free? See the following below :

Best Talk To Text Apps For Android Free

Google Keyboard

The benefit of a Talk-to-text feature in our keypad is which we can use it anywhere. There are 2 ways to trigger the talk-to-text: please tap the mic icon on the left-top of the keypad or tap & hold the (,) / comma to find settings where we can select Talk Input.

The Features of Google Keyboard App :

  • The options of customization loads; learning from the input of voice
  • Context-aware voice-to-text conversion is smartly
  • We can used Google Keyboard in offline mode with the right voice data packages
  • Google keyboard is universal. it can be used in any application that needs a keypad input

Talk To Text Apps For Android Free

Speech To Text

The app has just 2 purposes: convert our dictation to text and it will help us send the text as an email or SMS or quickly.

The Features of Speech To Text App :

  • The app support multi languages (with their native fonts)
  • The app has very minimal without an options
  • The app for email and SMS only

Speech To Text (Whatsapp)

The next Talk To Text Apps For Android Free is Speech To Text on whatsapp. There are voice-to-text apps dedicated to support us send fast messages over Whatsapp or SMS or & it’s one of them.  In the general parlance of smartphone apps, We would probably hate this app for its not good design but the way the app works is cool that we could not support but include this here.

Usage is only one-tap to transcribe/record & one-tap to send. Speech to text listens to us & after transcription provides a list of phrases that it thinks we said then we can pick the right one.

The Features of Speech to Text (whatsapp) :

  • Only need one tap to send message to contact in Whatsapp
  • The app is easy and quick to use
  • The app will shows us the list of transcribed phrases to pick the correct one
  • The occasional ads spoil the fun

Voice To Text

Voice to Text app is more or less redundant in the age of Dragon, Google Keyboard app etc. But for folks that would still like a simple, no-frills voice-to-text app which send an email based on what weu spoke into the microphone, this is it.  The voice to text app pales in comparison to other applications on this list.

The Features of Voice to Text :

  • The app is very simple to use
  • We can only send the transcribed text as email

So the above is our review about Talk To Text Apps For Android Free, hopefully can be useful for You.