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Teen Safe App was created to help parents observe their children in an ever-evolving digital life. With mobile invention use increasing perpetually, it’s crucial for mothers to know what their children are being exposed to. Our operation is to help alleviate that issue.

Please note that the TeenSafe app icon is not hidden and will be visible on your child’s device.

With TeenSafe on your Child’s Android device you can see:

  • Text messages
  • Deleted texts
  • Installed apps on the device
  • Device location
  • Call logs
  • Web history
  • Contacts

As required by law, and TeenSafe’s policy, TeenSafe may only be used by mothers to observe their own children. A TeenSafe user may not monitor a child other than their own, a spouse, significant other or anyone over the age of 18.

To get started, just download and open TeenSafe Child and follow the instructions on Google Play ! or visit www.teensafe.com

Teen Safe App