The Photon Camera was developed for capable of taking pictures in the dark

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Photon Camera
Photon Camera

Photon camera developed by MIT researchers were able to take pictures in the dark walapupun total with no light at all . Usually the camera will not be able to take pictures in this condition , even with the slightest light sometimes can not afford a regular camera .

Although capable of taking pictures in the dark , but the resulting image is only black and white . Photon camera capable of taking pictures in the dark , this is possible because the camera can reconstruct three-dimensional images of photons or so-called single particle of light that is reflected from an object .

A normal camera would use trillions of photons at the photos in normal light conditions or lighter. With photon camera , taking photos of high resolution , low light and camera using hundreds Forton per pixel .

Ahmed Kirmani , this figure photon camera developers from MIT . Camera photons only need one photons per pixel to take pictures in dark conditions .

Camera photons we are computing the image creator that works by repeatedly illuminating the screen with light waves and the arrival of the first photon detection in each pixel , “said Kirmani told Mashable .

The camera works by firing a photon laser with light waves towards objects which are in some light conditions , then the photon detector records the reflected one photo , imaging algorithms on software then produces high-resolution images .

It seems that this photon camera will only be used for the purpose and Military Intelligence , and will not be available commercially in the near future . This camera can also be used to examine a variety of specimen types of physical , chemical or biological that will be destroyed in a bright light .

And laser detectors are not new , they are the same as LIDAR system used by Google Street View , but this camera using the algorithm of the MIT team .


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