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Video conference room

Video Conference Room – In a growing business, the way how people communicate with each other is now innovated. This is through the use of video conferencing.  This is a new technology that most of the company is now enjoying because of its benefits and ease of use.  Participants from other locations can attend meeting without worrying on time travel or slashing company fund in transportation allowance as well as housing for the onshore participants.  This technology is also one way of practicing work life balance wherein the participants can attend to their personal errand outside office or home prior to meeting schedule, this is because a participant can attend a call or meeting anywhere as long as they have a complete equipment to be used in virtual meeting.  Also in video conferencing, the participants or team members can now be working from home.  It’s more flexible on his time that he can balance his time based on his personal and business tasks.

Video Conferencing is a technology that most of the businesses in any fields is using.  This technology is not limited to just IT business.  This is also applicable even in medical fields since this all of the businesses requires communication even in medical field. In the market available  on video conference software base and video conference hardware base.

We all know that in video conferencing is like having a real time virtual meeting, but there are also times that video conference room is highly advisable.   Though there are times that a meeting is required to attend in a conference room, still Video conferencing does not loss it purpose on convenient on personal  and business time as well as saving cost and increasing productivity.

When Video Conference Room is an advantage?  The Video Conference Room is an advantage in several ways:

1. Save money

The company does not need to provide the complete equipment to all the participants in same location or time zone.  This is applicable when most of the attendees are in same locations or time zone and the participants are more than 10.  The company just needs to provide 1 complete set of equipment for the video conferencing and have a dedicated video conference room for the storage of the equipment. The room is also used as venue for the meeting of the participants residing in same location.

2 . Organized Meeting

Having same venue used by the participants residing in same location is an advantage in setting the meeting agenda and organizing the tasks.   This allows the team members to have a quick meeting on how to present the flow of the discussion prior to the actual meeting schedule.  In this way, all the participants will be guided on the topic as well as the duration of the meeting.  This is also a good practice to be able to maximize the productivity time of all the participants especially the leads  that will attend the meeting.

3 . Better equipment

Since the company will only provide few complete equipment to be able to use the video conferencing, the company can be able to allocate budget to a better equipment.  The equipment to be used may be expensive but in a long run, the company still save an overall cost since not participants will be having a complete set of video conference equipment.  Also, having a better equipment means that all the participants can be able to exchange communication clearly in a timely manner.

4 . Security Controlled

Having an allocated location for video conferencing, the security issue on how to safe keep the equipment can easily be guarded.   There’s no need to worry on how to secure all the equipment unlike if all the participants will be having the complete set of equipment, there may be times the some of the needed equipment may be lost or stolen.  For any stolen or missing equipment means that the company is required to purchase other items which requires another additional funding.

5 . Increase productivity and save time

Since the communication is done in a real time manner, all the open items for each participants can easily discussed if not resolved immediately.  Due to this, the participants can achieve faster response and that increased the productivity of the team and reduce the costs in which happens when the project delayed on the target schedule.  Also, this way, it helps the participants build rapport by strengthening bonds with remote colleagues.

This is also helpful in dealing with clients in a remote location. The response time is always in a real time manner and so the company can be able to build a good working relationship even if the client is from other country and different time zone

How to determine if there’s a need to allocate room for video conferencing?

To determine if the company needs to invest an allocated room for video conference room, the company needs to verify the following:

  1. Total number of participants residing in one location on Video conference room. It’s important to determine the total number of participants residing in one location because this  will also be the basis on allocating the budget on  purchasing the equipment.  If there are more than 5 participants residing in same location and working in same time zone, it’s practical to just purchase one complete video conferencing equipment and have it set-up in an allocated video conference room.
  2. Check the costing for the room to be used.  If the work environment set up is more on virtual office, having a physical office will require additional funding including it’s monthly dues and maintenance.  Also, in a modern environment office, most companies have at least part of itsdepartment a virtual office.
  3. Check for the participants’ availability.  There are times that participants are required to have a field work and are always on the go to clients or field work visit.  Due to this, participants may not be able to attend the meeting if there’s a required location for the meeting.  Also the disadvantage of not having able to attend the meeting may have a result of delay in the deliverables or deadlines to other participants.


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