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VMEET video conference software
VMEET video conference software

Video Conference Software – As we live in the Computer and Technology world, it’s amazing to know that our lives becomes easier not just in our personal activities more so in completing our daily tasks especially office works.  As days passes by, our technology evolved based on our needs and wants.  This is also true even in communication. Before we communicate through snail mail, the message from one person to another is being transferred through a mail man delivered personally. Then there was a telegraph, where a message was being transferred over wire through a series of electrical current pulses.  The message was transferred faster though with limited line of messages.  Later on, there was an email.  The communication transferred is almost real time with no message limit.  Through then, there are many innovation came that makes the communication anywhere much more easily.

In the office, communication is crucial in completing one task or in addressing ones need to complete deliverable.  And so, it’s a necessity for a company to invest in communication equipment that would not only simplify the transferring of communication faster but also would benefit the whole employees with a minimal costing.  Can you imagine if you have a deadline in a week and still waiting for other person’s response? This can be devastating.  Or if what is you’re working in a global company and needs to communicate with teammate on other region or other country, and you want to organize a meeting?  This is where the video conferencing is necessary.   Through video conferencing use video conference software the transferring of information is now in a real time matter and that the person you’re meeting with is can be seen as if he’s sitting next to you without worrying the time zone.

Video Conference Software is needed to be able to use the video conferencing.  It is an application that needs to be installed in the computers of the owners that will be using the application. It is an application that facilitates initiating and conducting live conferences between participants from different locations using computer that transmits audio and video.  Each participant is required to have a computer that service as the transmitter device of the video and audio, web camera so that all participants can see each other, also mouthed speaker to be able to hear the messages from other participant and be heard your message by the participants.

In using video conference software, it enables multiple participants to sit in a virtual conference room to be able to communicate as if they were sitting in one location.


Benefit of Video Conference:

1. No location barrier:

Though the use of Video Conferencing, the participants need not to worry on the geographical location or time zone.  Since participants are using virtual meeting place, the participants can attend meeting even they are working from home or office. The more convenient part of this is that there’s no need to worry if the participants are from different time zone or from other places like one in USA,  Europe and ASIA.

2. Save cost and increase productivity

Since the participants no need to travel from location to another like travel from USA to London or USA to other parts of Asia, the company can save travel cost which also includes the budget for housing and per dim of the participants.  Also, since the information can be provided in real time, there’s no need to wait for days to be able to receive the information needed from other participants.  It that way, it increases the productivity of the team.

3. Build rapport between team

In a global set-up company, having a weekly meeting through  video conferencing  can help lessen the gap of participants from other locations specially from other time zones.  Since all members are seen in virtual meeting, the cultural and knowledge gap can be eliminated.  The meeting between members or team is more personal since the emotion or reaction of members can be seen during the course of the virtual discussion.

4. Work life balance

In a virtual meeting set-up, the members no need to stay in the office to wait for the meeting schedule. Since participants can attend in any location, the participants can attend to personal matters outside office or even at home prior to the meeting schedule.  There are times that the participants can maximize their personal time by attending the urgent meeting even in the middle of his vacation.


To Determine the Best Video Conference Software to be used:

In our world today, technology is everywhere and it’s true even in setting-up for virtual meeting.  And so, this is important to be able to determine the best video conference software best suited for your needs and budget.

You need to determine your company’s needs to wants and forecast your future plans in relation to communication innovation in the company.  This can be done through series of analysis by determining the company financial status and its needs for having virtual meeting with use video conference software.

Check the risks and issues of not having a virtual meeting.  There are times that virtual meeting is crucial to manage the operation of the business. This is applicable if the participants are from different locations and time zones.

Determine the equipment to be used.  The video conferencing will not be possible without the equipment needed and these are the computer, web camera and audio device.  Investing in the said gadgets means that the company needs to slash out company’s fund.  Should the company needs to invest on the personal computer to be installed in the conference room with video conference software for the virtual meeting? Should the company invest on laptop so that the participants can attend the meeting even at home or other places outside the office?  Also there are web camera can be used to view  all participants since it video all the angles of the room.  There are also web camera can be used to view each participant, and this is applicable when you want to view only the one or few participants preceding the meeting use video conference software.

Regarding to the video conference software,  There is one product from Softfoundry, a communication company from Singapore, the leading the next generation of business communication with High Definition Unified Communications and Collaboration, that having powerful featured. The product name is VMEET.


VMEET have the advantage on Video codec  SFDV++ which could now reduce the internet bandwidth up to ten times compared with other  HD video conference systems in the market.  This advancement was based on the latest patent awarded by US Patent office( US 7,826,527) on Nov. 2, 2010.  The process of this huge bandwidth reduction has used extensive  adaptive optimization schemes where it is unlikely that other hardware based  codec could have such advanced  optimization.

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