Walmart Credit Card App For iPhone

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Walmart Credit Card App – founded in January 2000 and a subsidiary of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. It’s feature a great option of friendly service, high-quality merchandise. In the price is low everyday. The goal of is  “to bring customer for the best online shopping experience in the Internet.

To facilitate the way customer payments while shopping at, one way of payment is to use a credit card. In connection with the way of payment by credit card, there is one application for iphone users that will make it easier on online shopping. By use Walmart Credit Card App You can access your money & manage your Walmart Money Card Easily at any time.

The feature of Walmart Credit Card App is following :

  • You can Pay Bills
  • You can view transaction history & balance
  • You can stash money in the Vault
  • You can find nearby ATM locations & Walmart stores
  • You can deposit checks using your mobile phone
  • You can view Cash-Back Rewards balance
  • You can shop in-store or online any where use Visa® or Debit MasterCard®. Especially for debit cards are accepted in the United States.
  • NO minimum balance or credit check to get a card today
  • NO overdraft charges
  • You can order & pre-authorize paper checks

Walmart Credit Card App always update the Walmart MoneyCard app frequently so hopefully that the application will works better and smoother, also faster and will help customer for online shopping. always hope customer can enjoy for the improved features.

For iPhone users, you can download free Walmart Credit Card App via iTunes.