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KALQ keyboard

The conventional keyboard QWERTY is the one of the few key technical elements which have resiliently live through all efforts to be modified or changed entirely. However that may be set to transform soon, at least for cell phone gadgets, as scientists found a new keypad/keyboard structure they say will assist customers type 34% quicker.

Dubbed KALQ, the structure was developed for cellular touchscreen display screen gadgets by Germany’s Max Planck Institution for Informatics, together with the School of St. Andrews in the UK. The structure was made based on computational techniques by optimization used to thumbs activity styles, leading to a divided key pad that has twelve important factors on the right and sixteen on the left. The new style is called “KALQ” for the characters in the bottom row on the right part of the structure. The right part also contains all the vowels.

The new structure allows customers to move both thumbs with simultan as one thumbs is writing, the other has moving towards. It’s new focus on, that is ideal for a cell phone. This activity is not possible with the conventional keypad/keyboard, that actually decelerates thumbs writing.

The users using a conventional QWERTY structure can write about twenty word/minute, in accordance with scientists. However the remodeled, thumb-centric structure will allow customers to kind up to 34% quicker. For example, in individual examining KALQ can generate a writing amount of 37words/minute, the quickest known amount for cell phone written sms messages.

Besides enhancing writing efficiency, the structure also significantly decreases the stress on your thumbs, as the scientists developed the laptop key pad so as to reduce long series that should be entered with only one thumbs and placed characters continuously used in the same blends close to each other.

The KALQ style will be formally revealed at a London meeting on 1 May 2013. The scientists hope canlaunch the new structure as a free Android operating system obtain afterwards.


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