Ways a Video Conference Server Can Improve and Benefit SMBs

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video conference server
video conference server

The number of small and midsized businesses (SMBs) adopting a video conference server is on the rise.  Based on conversations with these businesses, analysts, value-added resellers and customers, the best way to stay connected is by using video conferencing from a unified communication and collaboration server.

Therefore, technology is providing the answers to many businesses’ communication problems.  Business grade internet connections, once reserved for larger businesses’ boardrooms, are widely available now.  The most up-to-date method in cloud computing can bring multipoint video service to practically any business desktop all over the world.

In particular, a video conference server allows employees to work from home and makes it possible for managers to have an unbroken or uninterrupted connection with teams from far-flung places.

Thus, the main benefit of using this communication server is its ability of such system to connect important people 24/7.  This discussion then proceeds to detailing the other benefits that the system can give to your businesses.

Other Benefits of Video Conference Server

VFON Server

SMB owners are faced daily with special sets of demands and challenges generally not experienced by top executives at the Fortune 1000.  The challenge of managing a company with several offices but with overworked and understaffed IT department and tight budget for operations is a regular concern.

Video conferencing is the most effective way by which businesses can face these challenges and demands.  Here are some more benefits of facing business challenges with the use of a video conference server:

  • It is easy to use.  Through this communication and collaboration server, users with gadgets, such as video phones, will be able to see the current speaker in the team.  They can also automatically or manually switch between the participants of a conference giving each user the power over which person they get to view.  Users can also manipulate the server to rotate the video feed so they can be directed to the participant currently speaking.
  • A video conference server increases productivity across dispersed teams and workforces. Most dispersed teams communicate through phones, emails, workflow applications or instant messaging.  The problem is 80% of human communication consists of visual and non-verbal cues.  Old communication techniques reduce the ability of team members to understand, collaborate and process information over distance.  Communication therefore is impeded.

Where a video teleconference server is included in a meeting, members, since they can be seen and heard, are more likely to stay attentive.  Everyone can see and hear expressions of concern, satisfaction, understanding, confusion, etc of other team members.  This speeds up exchange of information among members, a thing thousands of IMs, voice mails and emails can’t do.  The results:  fast decision-making, faster completion of projects and increased output throughout the organization.

  • A video conference server improves the system of hiring.  Hiring people can be costly and lengthy.  That’s most especially if applicants are coming from far cities or if several people need to be interviewed at the same time.

Businesses with video conferencing systems installed in the office can reduce the time and expense by having the candidates come to the business facility that’s nearest to them.  This allows interviews to be conducted in two ways: over video and in person.  Video interviews can be easily recorded, which enables those who cannot attend the live interviews to see the candidates over video and evaluate them.

  • Using a video conference server helps businesses in retaining quality talents.  Video communication has a positive impact in retaining quality employees.  It promotes cooperation among team members by allowing distant employees to communicate faster and develop closer ties with other members of the team.

It also helps employees to retain a good balance between personal life and work by lessening the frequency of travelling away from their families.  Finally, a video conferencing system allows business owners to let their employees work at home part-time or full-time.  Business owners do understand that spending more time with one’s family is fulfilling for their employees.

  • Using a video conference server supports unrelenting competitive advantage.  A video teleconferencing system creates multiple paths for businesses to maintain competitive advantage.  Team members communicating through video can share knowledge more effectively.  This results to informed and faster decision-making that reduces time for marketing new products and services.

Moreover, through the use of a video conference server, support teams are able to create a one-to-one relationship with customers in a more personal way.  This encourages customer loyalty way beyond what a traditional customer care service agent can do.

In maintaining and improving product quality, businesses find the use of a video conference server very helpful.  It is because through this communication system, employees quickly share with one another information on verification of product quality, revisions of the product if there are any, and maintain accurateness of actions from the first to the last point of the supply chain.  Through this communication, employees can avoid delays in delivering products and services.

  • A video conference server in the workplace can create an impression among consumers that the company supports the “go green movement”.  Special departments can cite the company’s use of a video conference server as evidence that the company is supporting efforts to give protection to the environment.  Building a good company image this way can help the company land a place in the list of environment-friendly companies and earn the respect of many people including their own business competitors.


The latest creation of internet and video conference server software can be utilized to dramatically lessen business expenses on meetings and travels, improve sales figures, and even trim down teleconferencing costs related to multiple inter-office conferences.

Furthermore, using a video conference server in business meetings is more and more becoming an essential part of “technology armory” employed by IT organizations and business.  This helps IT organizations and businesses to harvest the benefits brought about by globalization, reap the advantages offered by outsourcing opportunities and even compete with businesses several times their size.


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