Wells Fargo Mobile Banking App For iPhone

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Simplify your life, with use Wells Fargo Mobile Banking App you can stay in control Manage all your traffic finances, like pay bills, transfer funds also make check deposits to your bank account, and all you can do it within the application.

The Features of Wells Fargo Mobile Banking App

Manage Your Bank Accounts

  • You can view your key account info without must to sign with FastLook
  • You can quickly access to your bank accounts with use TouchID®¹
  • You can view the transactions of your credit card & manage the rewards program of yours
  • You can review balances & activity in your accounts
  • You can set your language preference to some languages, Spanish, English etc.
  • You will enjoy Free ATM Card to access your accounts at over than 13,000 Automatic Teller Machine
  • You can replace or activate credit/debit cards easily

Deposit Funds

  • You can view the processing of deposit in your account Instantly
  • You can deposit checks using your iPhone camera easily

Make Transfers and Payments

  • With Wells Fargo Mobile Banking App service, you can pay your bills easily
  • You can receive & send money securely using a email address with Zelle℠⁴ or your mobile number
  • between Wells Fargo accounts &other financial institutions, you can transfer funds easily

Wells Fargo Mobile Banking App

Track Investments

  • You will get market data, real-time quotes, news & charts
  • You can monitor your account activity, holdings, balances, & open orders for your WellsTrade® accounts and Wells Fargo Advisors.

Help Stay Secure

  • With the Online Security Guarantee fraudulent transactions when reported promptly is not liable for you
  • You can visit the Security Center to learn how to help keep your accounts safe & you can report fraud
  • You will get access to your FICO® Credit Score easily
  • You will get notified of suspicious activity with email alerts or text
  • You can receive and configure near real time alerts

For iPhone users, you can free download Wells Fargo Mobile Banking App on iTunes : https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/wells-fargo-mobile/id311548709?mt=8