What is a DVR or Digital Video Recording ?

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Digital VIdeo Recording (DVR)

What is a DVR ? – In this article we will talk about what is a Digital Video Recorder ( DVR ) . DVR has the same functionality as a VCR , they also use a hard drive for storage of video recordings . With a DVR , the user can , the user can record television programs to include information such as channel , time , and date of the recording menu .

In most cases , a menu list of programs that would come to be downloaded from the server . In order to connect to the server , a dedicated phone line or high speed internet connection is required , along with Internet service .

There are many benefits of using Digital Video Recording ( DVR ) . First , the picture quality is much better than a VCR tape , and always consistent . The format also allows for the archiving of digital video and data transfer to a computer , CD , or DVD . The convenient search function allows users to quickly find events , or a particular scene , that they want to watch . The device can be programmed to record entire television shows , and it is even possible to watch the first half of the show while the DVR continues to record the second half .

One of the most popular features of the device a Digital Video Recording ( DVR ) is the ability to fast forward or skip advertisements . It also allows users to pause , fast forward , rewind , or replay live television . Because the machine is connected to the Internet , users may be able to access and view their favorite shows from anywhere in the world using a computer and DVR features remote monitoring .

As one of the few drawbacks of digital video recorders is that some devices Digital Video Recording ( DVR ) does not support High Definition Television ( HDTV ) broadcasting , although this has changed in recent years as HDTV becomes more popular . They also usually require a subscription , either by the company providing specific service or with satellite or cable television companies , many of which offer DVRs to their customers with the consequence of increased costs for the customer to use a Digital Video Recording ( DVR ) .


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