What Is a PTZ Camera ?

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PTZ Camera – VMEET SF-V960 HD PTZPTZ Camera – A PTZ camera is one type of camera , where the camera lens is able to be moved horizontally ( pan ) moves to the right and to the left , or vice versa , and vertical ( tilt ) moves from top to bottom or vice versa , and ( zoom in / zoom out ) that is able to change the focal length between near and far .

An innovation of a PTZ camera is the built -in firmware program that monitors changes in pixels generated by the video clips in the camera . When the pixels change due to movement in the camera’s field of view , the camera can actually focus on the variation of pixel and move the camera in an attempt to center the pixel fluctuation on the video chip . This process produces the following camera movement . This program allows the camera to estimate the size and distance of moving objects movement of the camera . With these estimates can adjust the camera optical lens camera in and out in an effort to stabilize fluctuations in pixel size as a percentage of the total display area . After the movement out of the field of view of the camera the camera automatically returns to the ” parked ” position pre – programmed or until senses pixel variation and the process begins again .

Here we provide examples of products of high quality PTZ camera , can produce HD quality for a video conference . The products we mean is VMEET SF – V960 HD PTZ .

VMEET SF – V960 HD Pan / Tilt / Zoom ( PTZ ) – PTZ camera is equipped with a 1/2.8 inch image sensor professional with full HD1080p output resolution at high dynamic images 60 frames per second . 20x optical zoom lens is superior , excellent white balance , and exposure modes provide clear images even in low light or extreme contrast of brightness and darkness in the conference room . The camera includes a wide- angle image capture and utilize high efficiency DC motor servo -controlled to achieve both high- speed , quiet , and precise positioning and smooth PTZ operation . VMEET SF – V960 is a PTZ camera that supports SDI , DVI , k , and C – Video interface to allow four simultaneous image outputs the most appropriate image quality . VMEET SF – V960 is compatible with all video equipment . There are up to 100 presets and a remote control which can generate stable effective and efficient presentation . VMEET SF – V960 is a PTZ camera that can deliver live images continuous , clear , and crisp with no distortion and is ideal for recording lectures , video conferencing , and can also be used for security surveillance system .




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