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Wild Blue Internet is a provider company for Internet service which offers internet communication services use  satellite based. In 2009, Wild Blue Communication was actually acquired by ViaSat.  After the residential market as a means of going primarily  . Wild blue service is Available in over 50 states. this type of satellite based communication can be great for customers in remote region where the Internet service selections are limited. Exede is the actual brand name for the Wildblue. In October 2011, the company have launched the ViaSat-1 satellite.

In this article we try to review about Wild blue internet service for both of good and bad. Please, check out the following reviews

Description of Wild Blue Internet Reviews

The Good of Wild Blue Internet

Wild Blue internet provides 3 packages, It’s Freedom package (150 GigaByte of data), Liberty18 (18 GigaByte of data) and the Liberty12 (12 GigaByte of data). Every packages above has up to 12 Mbps of speed. However for U$10 more per month the speed will jumps to 25 Mbps. Speed for Upload for all tiers are 3 Mbps. in a state of reach the data limit, the speed significantly will drops between 1 to 5 Mbps. at least the internet is running normally.

The approximation of people in remote regions of the US. that less than 25% of people have access to the network Internet. Wild blue with Satellite Internet will helps this problem. With use Satellite Internet, the price is really not too much higher than DSL or Cable technologies, it’s reasonable.

For let everyone know that each account provides up to ten addresses of email, and each offering up to 10 GigaByte of data storage for emails.

Wild Blue Internet

The Bad of Wild Blue Internet

When everyone sign up on Wild Blue internet service, they are locking theirself into a 24 month terms. This is worth nothing as many companies provide contracts month to month in these days. The process of internet installation need take up to 3 hours. In this state we must make protection for our some financial.

Every month, the data allowance will be resets, so no data is carried over but no additional fees occur when you reach your allowance. This is the plus side. The speed of internet service is really reduced but the bill will not change, offcourse you should be add additional data.

Wild Blue’s VoIP also providing Exede voice. Customers always concerns with VoIP over satellite. However, WildBlue stands by its voice providing. Unfortunately it’s more expensive when compared with other providers that offers Void service. However, the voice traffic is not used against your data allowance. This is the plus side.


Wild Blue internet is a decent solution for users on residential in remote regions which need a basic Internet service. Upload and download speeds are actually impressive for a satellite internet service & it’s good that all plans provide the same high speeds, as other competing internet providers typically vary the data allowance & speed.

All that, depends on customer timing, good deals can be obtained regarding installation and setup charges, often times it can be completely waived.