Canon XLH1 Professional Video Camera

Canon XLH1 – Canon broke new ground in the digital video camera industry, announcing the XLH1 product On September 18 of 2005, which was Canon’s first Digital Video Camera featuring high definition (HD). Originally developed supported the requirements of professional and enthusiast videographers, the XLH1 product retains the operability of Canon’s very fashionable XL2 while increasing the professional function and supporting high definition recording.

The flagship Digital Video Camera (DVC) for the corporate of Canon, the XLH1 is ideal to be used all across the spectrum of professional content making, from film and television production to filming weddings. The Canon XLH1 also comes equipped with an HD 20X zoom video lens, the XL 5.4-108 mm L IS II, which contributes to Canon’s development aim of delivering the very best possible quality of recording available today.

As Canon’s first HD video camera, the XLH1 type of camcorder and 20X HD video telephoto lens will provide broadcasters with a coffee budget 1080i resolution option for ENG, documentary, or maybe reality television productions.

Canon XLH1 professional video camera

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The film makes also will fall for the extensive Cine controls and 24 frame rate options the Canon XLH1 has to offer. Canon’s custom jack pack features include uncompressed digital HD-SDI output for seamless integration into broadcast studios or high-quality image transfer to nonlinear editing systems.

The genlock feature will allow movie sets to easily synchronize camera settings across multiple camcorders and SMPTE time codes will leave streamlined tape and edit management.

The Canon XLH1 also offers three 1/3 inch 1.67 megapixels (MP) interlaced CCDs that capture images at 1080i resolution. It also features selectable frame rates of 50i and 25F, so capturing fast motion and just about everything else is feasible with the XL H1.

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