High Def Camera Format Options

High Def Camera – If you have been trying to find a high definition video camera, there are many out there for you to settle on. During this article, we’ll take a glance at some of your options available in each of the different formats.

Here are the format options for a high def camera that can be your consideration in making your choice.


The first High Def Camera format is HDV. JVC, Sony, and Canon all produce HDV cameras of various stripes and skills. The JVC HD100U shoots 720p, offers a real 24p frame rate, and provides a knowledgeable looking form factor, along with sporting the power to vary out lenses.

The two popular HDV cameras from Sony include the HDR-FX1 and therefore the HVR-Z1U. Both of them shoot only
1080i and supply 24p. The XL h1 is Canon’s entry to the HDV roundup. It provides HD SDI output and provides you the choice of interchanging lenses. Like Sony, it shoots 1080i without true 24p capabilities.

All of those cameras are 3CCD models and every one sport level professional XLR audio inputs, with the exception of the HDR-FX1. Sony also offers single-chip HDV cameras. the buyer HC1, which is really a miniature version of the FX1
is a superb camera.

High Def Camera - Sony F900

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The next High Def Camera is DVCPRO HD. On the budget end of Panasonic, the spectrum is that the AG-HVX200. This widely hyped camera does away with tape-based HD recording and can instead record HD to either memory cards or maybe an attached hard the above-mentioned HD resolutions alongside 50 and DV25.

Another popular camera for Panasonic is that the Varicam which shoots at 720p. an excellent feature with this camera is the ability to shoot at variable frame rates, which range from 4 – 60fps at 1fps intervals. These different frame rates will allow you to achieve a glance almost like that of over cranking a film camera.

HDCAM (High Def Camera)

Sony couples their HDCAM cameras together under the name CineAlta. They cover a broad range of prices and features, starting from the XDCAM HD models and therefore the F350 to the widely used and widely popular F950.

The XDCAM HD cameras record on to Sony’s professional disc media, which is physically similar to Blue-ray discs. These cameras also can record various quality levels of 1080i and 1080p, along with regular SD DVCAM. Unlike other HD cameras from Sony, the XDCAM HD supports i-Link for file access and DV output.

Near the high end of the Sony High Def Camera solutions is that the F900. It captures both 1080p and 1080i at is also the foremost expensive camera from Sony, as it costs around 80,000$!

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