Sony CMOS Image Sensor Global Shutter

Sony CMOS Image Sensor – Beginning with their adoption of cellular phones back in 2002, Sony’s CMOS sensors for megapixel class camera cell phones and digital high definition video cameras became widely utilized in commercial products.

The greatest strength of the CMOS sensors is that by including both digital and analog circuits on the same chip, their readout speed is often made much faster than CCD. Sony is now developing high-speed CMOS sensors for digital cameras which will provide continuous imaging from all pixels at an amazing frame rate of 60 frames.

Here recently, the trend towards higher pixel counts in consumer digital cameras have continued, and now it’s possible to require high resolution still images conveniently. so far, Sony focused efforts in the image sensor area on increasing the pixel count and improving the characteristics of the pixels to achieve high-resolution imaging that everybody loves about high definition video cameras.

Sony CMOS Image Sensor

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Sony is additionally aiming for a picture sensor which will be ready to capture and express surprise and emotion,
and is now putting efforts into a Sony CMOS Image Sensor that can do exactly that.

Even though image quality will improve as you increase the quantity of data you capture, until now, the still image quality of images has been improved by spatial resolution increases. The amount of data however are often increased not only by spatial resolution increases but also by increasing the quantity of data within the time direction also.

If anything is often said about Sony technology, it would be to never doubt it. Sony creates very amazing products and is among the leaders in private technology today. The Sony CMOS Image Sensor sensor is simply another step for Sony within the world of high definition video cameras, making it something you cannot fail with.

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