Video Conference Room Camera

Video Conference Room – A conference camera meeting is an audio conference that uses a camera, which then results in a camera shot displayed to several wide monitors so that meeting participants can look directly at the monitor or projector in the meeting room. Link for this product

Why is Conference Camera needed in a meeting room?

This is because at the time of the conference with many participants and the seats of the participants the meeting was far apart, the participants could not see directly from other participants who spoke and it was difficult to know who was speaking. The meeting room camera quickly immediately displays the faces of meeting participants who speak.

The following is an example application diagram of a Video Conference Room camera on a meeting:


This system of Video Conference Room camera above consists of HCS-3316HD Camera, TMX-0808SDI Matrix switcher, HCS-3600MBP2, several Chairman / Delegate units, Video Control Module Software that has been installed on a laptop / PC, and Display.

The way this system works is as follows: First of all, each Camera must be set by giving ID and preset for each participant’s sitting location, the implementation of this preset can use a remote control or use a laptop / PC that uses this video control software that is built on controls the main audio conference system unit, then each chairman or delegate is set for each camera and preset that has been determined in accordance with their seats.


At the time of the audio conference, the chairman/delegate unit is pressed the speak button then the camera will automatically display the relevant participant’s image via a video matrix switcher whose output is connected to the display. This video matrix switcher has 8 inputs and 8 outputs, meaning it can be input 8 8 HD camera/devices and the output can be connected to 8 other displays/devices.


The meeting room camera displays the faces of meeting participants on the projector in the room. A camera in a meeting room is needed to display the faces of a large number of meeting participants in one room. With the Audio Visual and Conference Interface, camera participants’ faces can be displayed on the monitors of each meeting participant

Multi monitors in a meeting room, images of meeting participants’ talking faces can appear on each of these monitors. This can be done by placing 4 cameras on each side of the room to highlight the faces of meeting participants who are talking and then displayed on this multi-monitor. The meeting room can be paired with an additional audiovisual integration system so that each meeting participant can make wireless presentations from their laptops and this data can also be displayed on multiple monitors.

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