Video Streaming With Friend, What Tools Will You Use?

Video Streaming With Friend – Even a favorite stay-at-home activity like watching TV can get lonely sometimes, especially if you’re wont to hanging out together with your friends and watching together. Although you’ll stream and text, FaceTime, or share your screen on Zoom, sometimes that just doesn’t cut it. If you’re trying to find how to form your social-distancing series binge more, well, social, there are browser extensions that permit you to host watch parties digitally.

Sharing TV shows and films with friends may be a wonderful experience, but it’s almost impossible to try to at a distance. That is unless you employ a tool to talk together with your friends and keep the videos on your computers in-sync. Here are seven websites and extensions which will line up Netflix, YouTube, or maybe local video files across computers.

Here are several apps you’ll use Video Streaming With Friend and to host movie nights with friends online, alongside step-by-step instructions on the way to start watching.

Video Streaming With Friend


Created by a few who had to spend long periods of your time apart in their relationship, twoseven is meant with simplicity in mind and runs straight from your browser.

Twoseven supports YouTube, Netflix, Vimeo, and Crunchyroll thus far, but crucially it also allows you to watch private videos either person has on their PC (only one among you has got to own the video).

That’s not all. The browser-based app has built-in text and video capabilities, so you don’t need to believe an external video chat app to ascertain your friend and share your video-viewing experience with them face-to-face.

Zoom (Video Streaming With Friend)

Everyone’s talking about this video-conferencing app at the instant. It offers a fast and straightforward thanks to founding out meetings filled with people, which you’ll access through the app or through a URL on your browser.

Zoom comes with an entire bunch of fantastic features, but one among the simplest is screen sharing, which allows you to share whatever’s happening on your screen, including whatever movie or television program you’ll be watching.

You can control the quantity of the sound of whatever you’re expecting your friends, and even have the choice to go away your webcams visible, allowing you to ascertain your friends while you watch – great for seeing those instant reactions in horror movies!

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dPlug.DJ (Video Streaming With Friend)

The next Video Streaming With Friend is Plug.DJ. This one’s a very cool concept, aimed more at those eager to share music videos or YouTube clips with their friends instead of watching entire movies or TV shows. Plug.DJ creates a personal room for all of your friends to talk in and to line up an inventory of music videos.

you effectively alternate being the DJ, lining up a bunch of music videos that your friends can discuss and even vote on. You’ll get to get on your best game if you don’t want to be voted out of the digital DJ booth you found out.


With Watch2gether, watching videos online with friends in real-time is fairly straightforward. there’s no registration required – all you would like maybe a temporary nickname.

To get started, simply click the “Create a Room” button on its home page. Type in your temporary nickname, and it’ll bring you to a video (and chat) room where you’ll start adding friends to talk. you’ve got the choice to either invite your own friends to an area that you simply created or join an area that’s already operational and become a neighborhood of the viewing party and conversation.


The next Video Streaming With Friend is Syncplay. Multi-platform and compatible with all the most important video player apps out there (including VLC, KM Player, and Media Player Classic), Syncplay may be a free tool that permits you to sync video streams with friends. you would like to possess the films you would like to observe stored locally on your disk drive, but once you found out, it’s just a case of you and your friend saying you’re ‘Ready to Watch’ and hitting the Play button.

Either person can pause and rewind the stream, and it’s an excellent thanks to getting the comfort of using your favorite video player while watching movies together.


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